Transcript of Second Dispatch

Here is the transcript of our second update from Tehran, this is transcribed by a volunteer and you are welcome to help us if you think the transcript may have mistakes!


Hello I am reporting from Tehran, Iran and I’d like to share some news about the events happening here going on with the violence and the protests that are started at the last big election – the presidential election in Iran.

Uh, generally, uh, violence has been replaced by peaceful rallies and most of the protesters and Moussavi supporters are trying to uh, demand their requests in peace which usually is in Tehran and other big cities. Uh, yesterday a very big rally happened in Toopkhaneh square in the center of Tehran, uh, by Moussavi supporters in memory of the martyrs, uh, that were killed during the past days.

Moussavi [garbled] were there and [garbled] speech asked his supporters to stay calm and demand their requests in peace. Today hall line is open to have a Friday prayer and the Supreme Leader would have a – a speech but he is [garbled] the events that have happened here. Processors and Moussavi have decided to not [garbled] and there will be no officiall [garbled] of Moussavi and his supporters today but they planning to have a very huge rally tomorrow in Azadi Square on Saturday afternoon and one of the most important political parties in Iran have requested uh, to have legal ready uh, tomorrow.

Other than that, uh, people uh, go to the rooftops and shout “Allahu Akbar” and “Down with Dictator” each and every night. And, uh, I see that, uh, more and more people involved in these events and shout on their rooftops.

Uh, I think that things are moving toward peace and people are trying to use peaceful talks and negotiate with the government and regime to demand their requests. And I’m happy that less violence is happening here.

Thank you for your time and thank you for listening and thank you for support.

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