Secure Communication for Iranians

Reporting information from the ground during a conflict can be extremely dangerous.   Below are some tools Iranians can use to securely send updates to Alive In Tehran and other media outlets.


Iranians, download Pidgin via for encrypted chat over yahoo messenger, MSN, AOL Instant Messenger, GTALK, and others.


Use TOR, instructions as follows:
Tor is a site where it takes a client (your contact) and hides their IP address among hundreds of thousands of IP addresses. It takes their connection and bounces them off of people supporting Tor with Bridges. A bridge is just another connection that donates bandwidth for the clients to use and hide behind.

Now installing tor should be easy. Ill find more on that because it seemse your teaching people, which is excellent. When they are connected through tor, they are anonymous, their IP is hidden.
(soon we should have more info on this!)


Although your landline is tied to a specific location, there are so many phones calling out of Iran daily that it should be difficult for Iranian Intelligence to track/listen to your phone call.

Mobile will be more likely to be listened to, although more difficult to trace. Consider using a prepay sim card that you ONLY use for making audio reports to the number posted for Alive in Tehran.

Because authorities believe that SMS is the main organizing tool, our understanding is that these are being CLOSELY monitored, and thus are MORE RISKY than a standard phone call.

Consider that MANY people are reaching Voice of America Persia every day with their stories, Iran is more likely to monitor/shutdown this number than our voice mail box.


Although TOR should provide you adequate anonymity, you may want extra protection for your EMAIL.

You can use for easy encrypted email BETWEEN HUSH ACCOUNTS. Hush WILL NOT be encrypted to a NON HUSH email INSIDE IRAN. It MIGHT work to get your email OUTSIDE Iran, but we are unsure.

Your best bet is to use PGP encryption, located here:
PGP will encrypt your email with a public key and a private key. KEEP YOUR PRIVATE KEY SECRET. This will allow you to send encrypted email to trusted contacts, they will need both YOUR PUBLIC KEY and THEIR PRIVATE KEY.

We will work to provide more information for all of these tools soon.

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  1. EM Says:

    You need to add this plug-in for the encryption to work on Pidgin:

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  3. tom Says:

    gmail has a secure browser, meaning encrypted, but you have to turn it on…the default is unencrypted…it is just a setting to check…then you have https:// while reading your mail as well as logging on…so this should be the same effect as hushmail…but if the receiving email is not using encryption of course, then of course it is not really secure…

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  5. Patrick Meier Says:

    Great post, here are another 50+ tactics and technologies to communicate securely in repressive contexts:

    Be safe,

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