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  • Google Maps tracks Iran protests http://bit.ly/h92O9 #iranelection #
  • Public number for Iranians:+1-646-462-4201 pin 77075. Call, record, hang up, audio file goes straight to us! #iranelection #
  • Last tweet was the PUBLIC number. If you need Private Access, please contact us. #iranelection #
  • Shiraz can't safely call Tehran but they can call US then US calls Tehran 646-462-4201 pin 77075 #iranelection #
  • Use this http://bit.ly/2IDAK email anonymously aliveintehranpost@gmail.com Your story will be blogged http://aliveintehran.org #iranelection #
  • We can provide you with a safe number that no one else will have if you want, you will be 100% anonymous, contact us! #iranelection #
  • Everyone in Iran has a landline so everyone can call in news updates, people in Tabriz call us, we send it to Tehran, etc #iranelection #
  • Someone just left us a message "confirm" so consider yourself "confirmed" #iranelection #
  • Want to solve intercommunication problem in Iran? Iranians call out and expats call in http://aliveintehran.org 100% anonymous #iranelection #
  • If people use landline phone to record short messages about what happens each day, we can use that to inform the whole country #iranelection #
  • We can set up phone numbers in other countries and as many boxes as needed, we can keep you anonymous #iranelection #
  • Please retweet our last few messages in Farsi or anything else, we can translate all recordings #iranelection #
  • Source in Tehran: Most of the demonstrators in Tehran do not support a particular candidate #iranelection (via @jamaldajani) #
  • We are working on a "radio" for Iranians. Public can record news from Iran 646-462-4201 pin 77075 We will relay back to Iran #iranelection #

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